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2014 Submission Deadline: 03 February 2014
Intent to Submit form
2014 Submission Package
2014 Submission Forms

Please send all completed forms to foya@ispe.org.

Canada. France. Germany. India. Ireland. Italy. Japan. Singapore. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. United Kingdom. United States.

Projects submitted from many countries around the world have been named Category Award Winners in the annual Facility of the Year Awards Program, and we'd love to receive a submission from you.


Building Types – Existing and New

GMP Manufacturing-Based projects

  • GMP manufacturing-based projects consisting of buildings, equipment, systems, and manufacturing methodologies deployed to manufacture regulated pharmaceutical drug substances, drug products, medical devices, combination products, and other commercial entities under the purview of the U.S. FDA, and other global regulatory bodies.
  • In addition, non-regulated facilities which meet the criteria listed above may also be eligible if demonstration is provided to indicate they are operated within similar GMP guidelines.

GMP and non-GMP Process Development projects

  • Project examples may include laboratories, pilot plants, medical device production, fill/finish, packaging facilities, and other similar process development facilities that may or may not be regulated. Submittals will be primarily judged on the merits of the applied innovation as it pertains to the development of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.

Facility Requirements

  • Any project that resulted in an interior renovation of an existing facility, facility addition, newly constructed free-standing facility, or substantial improvement to production efficiency may be submitted.
  • Facilities must have completed construction and major system validation between 1 November 2011 and 30 November 2013. As an example, the facility should be in occupied and in full operation or capable of producing product in accordance with an approved product license or under similar operational guidelines.
  • For GMP regulated facilities, the facility should have been granted an operating license by an appropriate health authority, or be awaiting such approval based on an application that has already been made.

Submission Requirements

  • Previous FOYA Winning Projects are not eligible.
  • Entries must be approved and signed by the owner/manufacturer, although they may be submitted by another company on behalf of the owner. (The owner must sign the Program Entry and Applicant Release forms from the Submission Forms packet.)

Submission Forms

To have your innovative facility receive the recognition it deserves, complete the Intent to Submit form and submit it via email to foya@ispe.org.

Final project submissions are due no later than 3 February 2014. For more information about completing your final submission, please complete the 2014 Submission Package and the 2014 Submission Forms packet.

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